Hi! I'm Andrea (she/her).


I'm a massage therapist & yoga instructor, and I'm on a mission to spread the Gospel of Calm in a world that seems determined to make us feel anything but.

I know what it's like to feel disconnected from yourself, to be stressed out and overwhelmed, to carry the weight and pain of stored trauma and anxiety in your body. It wasn't until I began a regular yoga practice and started receiving regular massage that I was able to start letting go to find more ease and comfort - both physically and mentally.


Just like the medieval alchemists, I approach both my work and my life with a lot of science and reason, with just enough mystery and magic to keep things interesting. I'm kinda like Spock, if Spock were a yoga teacher/massage therapist/Hogwarts professor.

My primary focus is massage therapy for stress relief and to ease the effects of anxiety and depression on the body. I'd love to help you slow down, breathe deeply, and take a little time for yourself so you can feel good and live fully.


I've been a yoga teacher since 2016, specializing in Yin, Yoga Nidra, and Restorative (or as I like to call them collectively, the "chill yogas"), and I teach group classes at the studio where my practice began - Fuel Hot Yoga in Athens, GA. I started incorporating tarot and oracle cards into my meditation practice a few years ago to help guide me toward a point of focus - a huge help for the jumbled chaos of my anxious brain. My initial 200 hour Hatha yoga training was through Yogaful Day Shala, and I have since completed various continuing education trainings through Asheville Yoga Center, Yoga International, and Fuel Hot Yoga. In Fall 2020 I began teaching Hot HIIT Pilates - it's most definitely NOT calm, but it's one of my favorite ways to really move my body and sweat it out! Come try a class with me!

I graduated from Georgia Massage School in March 2020 (yes, I became a massage therapist at the onset of a global pandemic!), and I'm so honored to help my clients become more embodied and at ease within their glorious physical vessels through this work. My training and experience as a yoga teacher helps to inform my massage practice, and vice versa. In addition to my private massage practice, I can sometimes be found on the schedule at Cultivate Spa in Monroe, GA as a massage & spa therapist.